CHAP’s accreditation process is clear and straightforward

Get started immediately with our online tools that remove the guesswork and minimize disruption to your business.

Four Step Process

The better the accreditation process, the faster you can continue the level of care that is so important to your mission. We strive to minimize the disruption and streamline the preparation so you can focus on what matters most.


Application & Agreement

Complete the online agreement and decide payment options


Preparation & Readiness

Prepare for visit and participate in readiness call


On-Site Survey

A patient-centered, partner-focused survey experience


Accreditation Determination

Agencies receive their approved accreditation or plan of correction

Earn an Age-Friendly Care at Home Certification with your Accreditation

Impact clinician satisfaction and retention, reduce cost of care, and align with quality referral sources without a costly investment.

1.  When applying for accreditation, select the box for age-friendly care.  There is no cost for adding your age-friendly care certification to your accreditation.

2.  Review the resources, standards, and learning modules. (The learning modules can be downloaded and used in your company’s LMS free of charge.)

3.  As part of your site visit for accreditation, you will be inspected for executing the 4 M’s framework of Age-Friendly Health Systems and the eight additional CHAP Age-Friendly Standards.

4.  Use your Credly Age-friendly Digital Badge and Certificate to market your Certification and connect with over 2,900 health systems. 

Earn a Pediatric Care Certification with your Accreditation

Enhance pediatric care quality, elevate clinician satisfaction, and secure quality referral sources without incurring additional costs.

1.  When applying for accreditation, select the box for pediatric care. There is no cost for adding your pediatric care certification to your accreditation.

2.  Review the resources and standards.

3.  As part of your site visit for accreditation, you will be inspected for executing the pediatric care standards.

4.  Use your Pediatric Care Digital Badge and Certificate to market your Certification and connect with healthcare systems.


Online Application and Agreement

Start your application or download our “What you need to get started checklist”

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Connect with our team

Once you submit your application, the onboarding process begins. Your Accreditation Specialist will reach out to you to conduct an initial review to introduce your team, answer any questions you may have, lay out the next steps, and verify any information that may require diligence. 

After your application is marked into review, and we have verified all of the necessary paperwork is received, we begin drafting your accreditation agreement, including payment options, and request a deposit which you can pay online.  

You will be introduced to your Accreditation Team as soon as you digitally sign your agreement. 
Need Medicare Certification? Start your 855 application at the same time to prevent delays.

855 Application

855 Application (DMEPOS)

Product Supplier Category (DMEPOS)

855b Application (HIT)

PECOS Online Enrollment

You also may need to notify your State Agency of your intentions to become accredited and Medicare-certified.


Preparation + Readiness

Prepare for your site visit with your personalized self-study. This online resource is designed to save time and build confidence in your survey readiness by organizing the standards into an easy to follow, digital checklist. Submitting the readiness checklist tells us that you are ready for your in-person site survey.

When you submit readiness, we host a Final Readiness Call for your organization, helping you prepare with confidence. We will walk through your checklist together to prevent stress and ensure a great survey experience.

Site Visit Readiness Requirements by Service Line

Copy of state license(s), if required by state

Service LineRequired CensusRecommendation for Record Reviews
Home Health10 skilled patients served
At least 7 skilled patients active 
at time of site visit
Copy of 855A approval letter
Hospice5 served 3 active required at time of site visitCopy of 855A approval letter
HME / DMEPOS5 patient records of actual patients served. Mock patient records are not acceptable
Home Care5 served 3 active required at time of site visit
Palliative Care5 served 3 active required at time of site visit
Home Infusion Therapy5 served 3 active required at time of site visit
PharmacyNo active patients required at
time of site visit


What to Expect During your On-site Survey

Your onsite visitor will be with you and your team from two to five days. 

The first part of your visit will begin with an Entrance Conference. You can get to know your site visitor which will put you/your team at ease. Here, you will also lay out the plan for the next few days.

You then will review your document checklist and identify reports needed. Together you will set the schedule for the site visit that includes:

  • Staff Member Interviews
  • Patient and Personnel Record Reviews
  • Home Visits (number will vary)
  • Document Review 

Each day offers a daily wrap-up meeting to review the day. You can discuss any outstanding items, answer any of your questions, and update the schedule for the following days. 

Upon the completion of your survey, your site visitor will conduct an exit interview to inform you of the deficiencies found and the next steps.


Accreditation Determination

Once your site visit is complete, all plans of corrections are submitted and reviewed within the required timeframes. The decision to accredit is rendered by our board of review. You will receive your accreditation letter within ten business days of the date the CHAP Board of Review rendered the accreditation decision.

We will also submit our findings to the CMS Location and your state (depending on Medicare Certification or state licensure obligations). You can then use the CHAP Media Kit to promote and communicate your accreditation to your referral partners and community. CHAP accreditation demonstrates you pursue ongoing adherence to the CHAP Standards of Excellence.

We are committed to improvement, so we will ask for post-survey feedback.


CHAP provides accreditation nationwide, internationally, as well as supports special processes for some states as outlined below