Priya Sipp

Growth Consultant

Priya Sipp’s extensive experience and expertise come to the forefront in her role at CHAP Growth Solutions, building on a distinguished 15-year career in the healthcare-at-home sector. Starting as a Home Health Aide, she advanced through various fields, including Client Coordination, Recruiting, Compliance, and Business Development, amassing a comprehensive industry insight. Her vast experience propelled her to lead as the Administrator for multiple agency locations across states.

Her leadership style, rooted in understanding motivations, drove team achievements. As a Business Development Manager, she generated exceptional results by achieving a 75% referral increase in underperforming locations.

Proficient in strategic planning, she expanded revenue streams and fostered strong teams. Further, Sipp’s post-acute entrepreneurial inclination led her to co-found a home care agency, enriching her grasp of growth strategies with operational understanding.

Sipp’s journey from a home health aide to an agency owner lends unmatched credibility to her engagements with potential clients. She effectively drives transformative growth in her current role as a Growth Consultant.